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CrossFit Goes Beyond Only Lifting Heavy Weights.


On this installment of Demystifying CrossFit from Recharge|HoCo CrossFit we look at the idea of heavy weights. You’ve seen the videos, you may have even had the experience, or perhaps simply been in a CrossFit box to hear the noise of weights on barbells being thrown around. That is not the only thing that CrossFit is about when it comes to fitness. It is so much more.

Body Awareness

CrossFit in Ellicott city

Getting strong does not just have to be with heavy weights. Establishing an ability to move your body in space and have body awareness is essential for building strength. It leads to changes in your nervous system and instills a sense of confidence with any movement you are performing. Exercises like these can vary from air squats to jumping jacks to hanging from a bar! Not only are these essential for a foundation of strength but are necessary as building blocks to get to lifting weights.

But, What About The Weights?

Crossfit Ellicott city

This does not mean, however, that lifting weights is a bad thing. On the contrary, strength is strength. The key here at Recharge and with CrossFit is meeting you where you are at. For some that may be a bit longer time building a foundation of body awareness before lifting weights. For others it may be a combination of certain movements without weights and others with weight. That is the beauty of building strength for your health, there is always a way challenge yourself and adapt over time.

How Does This Relate To My Health?

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It’s scientifically proven that lifting weights and strength training has A TON of beneficial effects on the body. Not only will it help with body composition and your overall strength–the changes it has on the physiology of your body are next to none.

Most importantly though (and what we see the most here at Recharge|HoCo CrossFit) is a sense of fulfillment with strength training like no other. To have an obstacle in front of you such as a weight and to overcome it is analogous to everything we do in life. This building of confidence and self worth is something that we see being just as, if not more, important than the physical gains.


There it is. The idea behind CrossFit isn’t just lifting heavy weights. It’s constantly varied, functional movements, done at a high intensity. That means that it involves a great deal of body weight exercises which are essential to build body awareness and confidence in yourself.

From there it is a progression of skills and strength that lead you to lifting weights at a pace that allow you to adapt both physically and mentally to the obstacles put in your way at the gym. Which ultimately, allows you to feel comfortable with overcoming the obstacles that are put in front of you throughout life.


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