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Does the very word “yoga” sound daunting?

Yoga is a philosophy that is expressed through physical movements, called asanas, mindful breathing, and is usually accompanied by meditation.

Contrary to popular belief, yoga does not have to be mystical or impossible, or even a boring stretching session, as many people assume.

What’s even better about yoga? You own your practice.

Every posture can be modified to your personal comfort level. Remember, uou know your body best.

Moving through the poses in a yoga sequence can be challenging. That’s why your yoga instructor is your guide to lead you into these postures.

Variety is the spice of life

There are different types of yoga, and no one is better than the other.

There’s vinyasa, nidra, ashtanga, hatha, bikram, yin……the list goes on. Many of these are similar in approach to movement, and most yoga studios have their own personal touch on these varying versions.

One of the most common forms of yoga is vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa yoga combines breath and movement in a continuous flow, beginning with a warm up and ending in a final resting pose.

Sound easy enough?

Not so fast!

A well-paced vinyasa flow shouldn’t put you to sleep, but it also shouldn’t leave you gasping for air. There’s a balance to a vinyasa sequence – a harmony of stretching, breathing, moving, and balancing.

This idea of equilibrium should overflow into your daily life, before and after stepping onto your mat.

Balance in all aspects of life is ideal for the mind, body, and soul.

Home vs Studio

You can practice yoga in a studio with a community, or you can practice in the comfort of your own home.

Practicing yoga in your home is convenient and a great option if you don’t have a yoga studio nearby.

When you find a yoga studio you like, the benefits of having a live instructor and classmates to observe and feed off are invaluable.

Not only will you be challenged and encouraged in greater ways, you will also gain the camaraderie of community and fellowship.

No matter if you want to practice yoga at home or mix it up in a studio setting, the idea is to get yourself moving– everyday.

Let’s Get You Moving!

If you’re already committed to other forms of exercise, like Crossfit, running, or weight-lifting, yoga is the perfect complement, increasing your flexibility, endurance, and muscle tone.

As we begin to age, our bodies lose flexibility and mobility, but yoga can help ward off these aging affects so they don’t strike earlier than expected.

If you recall from your grade school days, Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest, unless it is acted upon by an outside force.

Don’t be that object that stays at rest.

If you’re currently in that resting state, allow yoga to be that “outside force” to get you moving!

Interested in trying yoga? Learn more here about yoga at Recharge!

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