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I am fortunate to be able to coach a wide array of individuals at Recharge. They vary in age, gender, ability, experience, and any other way you can slice them.

However, I am one of the few that is in my mid-20's. This is often highlighted by my inability to catch references from previous decades and my general lack of musical knowledge.

It also gets highlighted in my ability to perform. It is almost as though people view my age as the reason that I am capable of performing tasks with my body and with lifting weights. When I demonstrate it is not uncommon to have some eye rolls and jokes thrown around. There is often an audible desire for me to do something that I struggle at which I laugh with them at pointing out that those are numerous.

The conversation that bothers me the most though, that happens outside of the gym more often than not, always starts with, 'just you wait.'

Wait until you get older.

Wait until you body begins to turn on you.

Wait until your knees to start hurting.

Wait until you have kids and have no energy.

Wait until you get the "dad-bod."

Wait until... etc.

It's disheartening. It's as though the future provides nothing than more than inevitable decline.

It's not the people saying these things but rather it is the idea itself.

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