The Science of gaining awareness and taking control of your mind

I Think, Therefore I AmRené Descartes

Life is busy.
We all share this common thread. We are always connected and multitasking. Between work, family, social media and unexpected events that ALWAYS come up.
How do you make time for yourself?

Mindfulness coaching teaches you strategies to make every minute count. Learn how to focus your thoughts, lower your stress and be present in the moment.

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How Can Mindfulness Coaching Help You?

Develop Strategies for Stress Relief

Learn how to focus your thoughts

Improve ability to be in the moment

Learn Breathing Techniques

reduce negative self-talk

have someone to talk to

How Can Breathing Help?

Deep breathing exercises and implementation help activate various neuroreceptors in your brain to help with mood.
Focusing on breathing shifts your thoughts from the anxiety trigger to the breathing. Also, increased oxygen intake helps stimulate relaxation.
Breathing is part of survival. Effective breathing is also crucial for efficiency of movement and performance. Knowing how to control your breath improves your body via the nervous system as well as the diaphragm.


Your Mindfulness Coaching Team

Dr. Gene Shirokobrod and Dr. Ryan Smith at Recharge in Ellicott City

Dr. Gene Shirokobrod (L) and Dr. Ryan Smith (R) follow a three step approach to mindfulness coaching.

Active Listening

Relevant coaching

actionable implementation

Learn How Recharge mindfulness coaching Can Help you improve your focus, relief stress, develop breathing strategies and more!

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