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HoCo CrossFit in Ellicott City

There is a lot of stigma and emotion surrounding CrossFit and sometimes that can muddy the water in terms of what we do and do not know about CrossFit.

Today’s mythbusting episode focuses on three myths involving CrossFit.

“CrossFit is synonymous with injury.”

What we are starting to see as more studies come out in regards to injury and CrossFit is that CrossFit is comparable to other similar areas of fitness such as weightlifting, olympic lifting, and power lifting.

All of these are generally considered to be lower in injury prevalence than those of field sports or team sports. Often times individuals who have tried CrossFit may also be attributing injury to intensity.

Whenever there is a high intensity of work done there is more potential for muscle soreness or delayed onset muscle soreness. Both of these are common when working out at high intensities but for individuals who have never experienced them before it can be quite alarming the following morning.

All in all, this comes down to coaching, programming, and managing expectations that allow individuals to grow gradually, safely, and effectively within the community of the box.

The Definition of CrossFit.

Everyone seems to have a different one. The true definition is: constantly varied, functional movements, done at a high intensity. High intensity and constantly varied exercises are rather self explanatory.

Variability is a mainstay in various lifting programs referred to as conjugate systems and high intensity even has its own subset called high intensity interval training (HIIT).

CrossFit has molded those two concepts together and combined it with functional movements. It is easier to say what functional movements are not. Functional movements are not isolated muscles exercises, which in themselves are not bad but serve a different purpose. Often functional centers around pushing, pulling, carrying, lifting, squatting, that we do in our every day lives.

Difference Between the CrossFit Games (which you may see on TV and ESPN) and General Population CrossFit.

The CrossFit Games athletes are elite level in terms of fitness and movement ability.

Although the general population is also striving for fitness, the purpose and motivation is different and often the time demand reflects that. It is not uncommon for CrossFit Games athletes to perform multiple workouts over multiple hours a day and that is their full time job.

Where as the general population may get one hour a day to strive for in their own health and fitness.

CrossFit games athletes also are striving for performance, and it is in our humble opinion that any time any athlete strives for peak performance that some part of their health inevitably suffers as a result.

This is a large generalization and can be attributed to a multitude of factors but for the general population in general, what is seen on TV and the work that goes into it, is different that what is expected our of individuals entering a CrossFit box for the first time.

So overall, there is a lot of emotion surrounding CrossFit but we wanted to make sure that the myths that also surround it are shown the objectivity they need for you to make an inform decision on what is best for your health.

The community that CrossFit provides is one of the most important aspect of it and the social interaction of it (consequently the benefit of that social interaction on your health) is why it continues to be a foundational tool for communities going forward when addressing health.


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