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Recharge combines the medical and movement knowledge of physical therapy with a personalized community feel.

Recharge is designed to address YOUR aches and pains while teaching you strategies to make sure you can take control.

Each physical therapy treatment at Recharge is uniquely tailored to you--NO COOKIE CUTTER APPROACH.

When you leave Recharge you will feel better and more confident with a clear strategy for continued improvement.

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✓ ALL Treatments with Doctors of Physical Therapy
✓ Same-Day Appointments.
✓ Easy and Fast Paperwork ONLINE
✓Research-based Treatments
✓Highly Trained Clinicians
✓ Focus on your goals
✓ NO Wait Times
✓ Early Morning and Late Evening Hours
✓ All major credit cards and FSA/HSA accepted!
✓ Incredible world-class facility with indoor turf, private treatment room, fitness floor, and shower.

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You are NOT a diagnosis.

At Recharge we treat you as a unique individual not a medical code.

You will be heard.

How Can A Recharge Physiotherapist Help You?

We Go After The Cause

Evidence-based Treatments

We Teach You To Help Yourself

Sports Medicine and Performance Training

We Are Specially Trained to Address Orthopedic Conditions

Combination of Hands-On, Education and Movement Resulting in Effective Pain Relief and Return to Activity

Recharge|HoCo CrossFit main gym

Do you know your movement vital signs?

We access your foundational movements to make sure you reduce risk of re-injury.

A Sports Medicine and physical therapy Approach for Athletes of All Levels.

You Will Leave… Feeling Better. Moving Better. Confident.

No Insurance.
No Deductible.
Affordable Care.
Amazing Experience.

Physical Therapy at Recharge.

Gene is the best. Have really bad pain in my heals and he had proven to me it’s in my back. Following his plan I can see that one day I will be pain free. He has also worked on my shoulders in the past and the difference was amazingStephanie

Incredible experience visiting Recharge, truly one of a kind place. From the awesome atmosphere, to the beautiful space, to the world class coaching, this place is the real deal.Ali

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You experience pain in a unique way.

So why are you settling for cookie cutter approaches? Your health and time are important.

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After the WOD I did a PT consultation and strongly suggest anyone that is going to be working out there to take advantage of the resource you have in Ryan and Gene. I have Achilles tendinosis and after sitting with Ryan and going through some exercise’s I feel confident that I now have a plan in healing my injury instead of just guessing and doing a bunch of random things I hope work.Tony

At Recharge You Are Not A Patient. You Are Part Of Our Community.

You have a choice

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Understanding your Aches and Pains

Don’t waste time and money by pinging around various medical professionals for musculoskeletal pain. We are experts in treating everything from low back pain to migraine headaches. Did you get injured playing a sport? We can help you!
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All Aspects Of Your Health

How are you sleeping? What do you eat on an average day? How’s your stress level? We value your overall view of your health just as much as the reason you are coming to see us.
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Helping you with your goals

Young athlete? We can help. Mom wanting to keep working out during pregnancy? We can help. Older adult looking to start strength training? We can help.


Recharge|HoCo CrossFit
5136 Dorsey Hall Dr.
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We Will Work With you to come up with the best strategy to help you feel better, move better and have control.

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