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A Complete System

All workouts are uniquely developed by the RECHARGE team. Members go through "cycles." Each cycle consists of Test week, 10 weeks of programming, and then re-test week.


Imagine having clinically trained doctors as your everyday coaches. That's RECHARGE! You'll never worry about if you are working out correctly. Anyone can do the workouts even if you have ache's or pain.


All workouts are tracked within the RECHARGE app. All members get access to a robust App that tracks workout data, health markers, and has hundreds of exercises for use at home.



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In-person, small group classes

Workout in a 6 person max. class with physical therapists as your coaches. 

Online coaching

Are you looking for a detailed, safe, and effective program and coach? Recharge Connect is for you. 

digital coaching and physical therapy

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is RECHARGE a gym or a clinic?

RECHARGE is membership based, small group classes. Our coaches are physical therapists. So you get the best of both worlds. 

how is recharge accounting for covid?

Since RECHARGE is run by clinicians, the facility follows the latest research and protocols. We limit classes to 6 members, have unique “pod” system, and require masks at all times. All equipment is regularly wiped down, and constant airflow has been set up. 

Do i need to be hurt to join?

RECHARGE is for anyone. Though many of our members have history with ache’s, pain, or injuries. Many have had trouble starting and maintaining exercise due to pain or fear. 

Can I do a trial?

We would love to answer your questions, discuss options, and show you around. We call this a Mindset session and it’s completely free. Then if you want to proceed, the next step is a Pathway. During the process you’ll have three individual sessions and get to experience group classes. 

How intense is it?

Everyone starts at RECHARGE the same way, with a Pathway. During the Pathway you will go through 3 one on one sessions with one of our physical therapists coaches (physio coach). During this time we will get to know how you move, and your capacity levels. So when you start class we will know exactly what you are capable of. 

Can I speak to someone if I have more questions?

Absolutely! We would love to chat. Our phone number is 443-583-7093. Normally, we would welcome a drop in for a tour. However, due to COVID, we only do in-person visits by appointment. 


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