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RECHARGE CONNECT is available at your finger tips.

Start your journey with a conversation.

Schedule a free one on one digital mindset session. 

Experience a unique pathway.

You and your physical therapist coach will work together to develop and implement a uniquely tailored health plan. 

Proactive, data-based, health management.

Your Recharge Connect membership allows you to build a health metric data-based. We will help keep you healthy and active through custom programming and data-tracking through our app. 

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Get connected! You’ll have access to your own physical therapist coach. Together, you’ll develop an effective health strategy.

Getting Started with the Recharge Connect Pathway

  • Month of Access to Your Physical Therapist Coach

    If you’ve struggle getting started or continuing to exercise because of aches and pains, this is a perfect program for you.

  • 3 Digital One on One Sessions to Establish a Baseline and Assessment of Aches or Pains

    Your individual sessions are geared towards working on those aches and pains while invoking fitness movements to address overall fitness.

  • Each Week Contains Tailored Strength and Conditioning Workouts Designed to Fit Your Level, Equipment, and Schedule

    If you’ve struggled getting into a consistent movement routine, a physical therapist coach will guide you to make sure you don’t do too much too quick, often the thing that sets people back.

  • Everything You Need, All in One Place...Our App.

    Keep all your programs, track your health metrics, and communicate with your physical therapist coach all in one place...the Recharge App.

Your Complete Health Experience, All In One App.

Our app let's you communicate with your physical therapist coach, see custom workouts, track health data, and much more!

digital physical therapy Recharge

A Customized Fitness Experience By Physical Therapists, Now Completely Digital.

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