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Golf Performance and Physical Therapy

Golf Performance With Clinical Precision.

Looking to improve your golf game? 

Look no further than Recharge’s golf performance program, led by physical therapists who are also strength performance experts. 

Our program is designed to help you in three key areas: strength, power, and mobility.

By focusing on these areas, we’ll help you hit the ball further and keep your body playing at its best.

Unlock Your Full Golfing Potential with Recharge's Expert Physical Therapist Coaching.

Golf physical therapy and fitness Ellicott City Howard County MD

At Recharge, our golf performance program is all about helping you play your best. That’s why we focus on three key areas: strength, power, and mobility. 

Our physical therapist coaches will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your individual needs and goals.



We know that to play your best, you need to be strong. That's why our golf performance program includes strength training that's tailored to your golf game. We'll help you build the strength you need to drive the ball further and improve your overall game.



Power is another essential component of a great golf game. At Recharge, we'll help you build the explosive power you need to drive the ball further than ever before. Our power-focused workouts will help you increase your swing speed, smash factor and overall power on the course.



Mobility is crucial for any golfer, and at Recharge, we'll help you improve your range of motion and flexibility. By working on your mobility, you'll be able to achieve a more consistent swing, unlock new swing positions and feel better on the course.

Clinically driven.
Performance focused.

Our physical therapist coaches will work with you to create a customized plan that addresses your unique needs and goals.

Whether you’re looking to improve your swing, increase your power, or enhance your mobility, we’ll create a plan that works for you.

01  Play Longer

Golf-specific mobility assessments and corrective exercises designed to help golfers of any age move more efficiently and feel better on the course.

02  Play Stronger

A focus on functional strength training to help golfers build the necessary muscles to drive the ball further and improve their overall game.

03  Play Further

Power training with proven strategies and techniques to help golfers increase their swing speed and hit the ball with more force.

04  Play Beyond

Individualized coaching from experienced physical therapists who understand the unique needs of golfers and can help them reach their full potential on the course.

Get the support you need to level up your golf game and achieve your fitness goals with Recharge.

Golf performance training options

Recharge golf performance training Ellicott City MD
individual sessions

Schedule One on One Personalized Golf Training at Recharge or Golf Specific Physical Therapy.

Online fitness training workouts physical therapists
Hybrid program

Combine in-person training at Recharge with custom programming to do at home or your gym.

Golf performance training Recharge Ellicott City
online only

Pick the programs and workouts to do anytime, anywhere. 

Experience Golf with Clinical Precision

Drive the Ball Further and Play Longer with Recharge's Golf Performance Program

golf physical therapy and training Ellicott City, Howard County MD

We believe that golf should be a sport that you can play for life. That’s why we focus on helping you improve your overall health and fitness, so you can keep playing the game you love for years to come.

Meet Your clinical golf team

Golf with clinical experience

The Recharge Golf Performance Team is Unique. 

You will always have a combination of clinical precision, with golf focused expertise!

Dr. Cory Hough

TPI Certified
Doctor of physical therapy

Dr. Gene Shirokobrod

Golf Specialist
Doctor of physical therapy

Tee-off with your perfect program!

golf training packages

golf fitness and training recharge Ellicott City md Howard County

par 3

3 one on one training sessions
golf fitness and training Ellicott City md, Howard County md, Recharge


9 one on one training sessions

Full 18

18 total workouts

Experience golf performance developed and coached by doctors of physical therapy!

Fully customized

It’s pretty simple, and you know this, if it’s designed specifically for you, it works better. Every Recharge Golf Package is built from the ground up for you. Every session, workout, and adjustment is unique to your needs. 

Clinical Precision

The entire Recharge Golf Package is created, coached, and led by expert doctors of physical therapy. You will always have a doctor coaching and building your program. There’s no shuffling you off to someone else. 

Proven Results

Everything you do is tracked through our app. Not only will you FEEL better, but you will see objective data improvement. Every workout, session, and test will be tracked. Through out the program you will see progress happening. 

Choose your Golf Performance Option

Par 3 Package

the perfect package to level up your round

Boost Your Golf Game with the “Par 3 Package” – Unlock Mobility, Strength, and Power on the Course

Struggling with a golf game that feels limited by your body’s capabilities? Witnessing the gap between understanding the right moves and physically executing them on the golf course can be frustrating. The “Par 3 Package” from RECHARGE is designed to bridge that gap, offering a focused solution to golfers looking to enhance their swing through improved mobility, strength, and power.

Tailored Assessments for Golfers: The Par 3 Package kicks off with a comprehensive evaluation of your body’s golfing capabilities. This program zeroes in on three critical aspects essential for mastering your golf swing: mobility, strength, and power. By assessing these key areas, we identify exactly what’s holding you back and how to propel you forward.

What’s Included in the Par 3 Package?

  • Three Individual Biomechanics and Movement Assessments: Dive deep into the specifics of what your golf game needs.
    • Day 1: Full Body Mobility Assessment to ensure your body can move freely and adapt to the demands of a perfect swing.
    • Day 2: Full Body Golf-Specific Strength Assessment to evaluate your muscle strength and how it supports your golf game.
    • Day 3: Golf-Specific Power Assessment to measure your explosive power, crucial for driving the ball further.

Comprehensive Feedback and Actionable Insights: Following your assessments, receive a detailed breakdown of your limitations along with expert advice on addressing these issues. This feedback is tailored to help you understand your body’s specific needs, offering a clear path to improvement.

Elevate Your Game with the Par 3 Package for $495: Perfect for golfers at any level, the Par 3 Package is your first step towards a more powerful, precise, and efficient golf swing. By focusing on the foundational aspects of mobility, strength, and power, you’re not just improving your game; you’re investing in your body’s overall capability to perform at its best on the golf course.

Ready to transform your golf game and unlock your full potential? The “Par 3 Package” offers the insights and guidance you need to overcome physical limitations and elevate your performance. Start your journey to a stronger, more powerful golf game today.

Front 9 package

the most detailed 9 session package for serious golfers

Are you ready to take a PGA level, clinical grade golf training program?

This is the package for you. 

Elevate Your Golf Game with the “Front 9 Package” – Personalized Training for Enhanced Performance

Unlock the full potential of your golf game with the “Front 9 Package” from RECHARGE, tailored for golfers seeking a comprehensive, one-on-one training experience. Priced at $1495, this package is meticulously designed to analyze, enhance, and refine your golf skills over nine personalized sessions, focusing on the critical elements of swing speed, mobility, strength, and power.

What the Front 9 Package Delivers:

  • 9 One-on-One Sessions: Each session is crafted to target specific aspects of your golf game, ensuring a holistic approach to improvement.
    • Day 1: Swing Speed Assessment on Simulator: Dive into your game with a detailed analysis of your average drive distance, clubhead speed, ball speed, and smash factor, complete with a data report that can be shared with your golf pro.
    • Sessions 2-4: Introduce and learn golf-specific exercises designed to enhance your mobility, strength, and power, laying the foundation for a swing that’s both powerful and precise.
    • Sessions 5-7: Review and upgrade your exercises, ensuring your training evolves with your improving capabilities, for continuous advancement in mobility, strength, and power.
    • Session 8: Return to the simulator for an in-depth data session, tracking your progress and making data-driven adjustments to your training.
    • Session 9: Wrap up with a comprehensive review of your achievements and set forth a progression plan, ensuring your golf game continues to grow beyond our program.

Transform Your Game for $1495: The “Front 9 Package” is more than just a training program; it’s an investment in your golfing future. With personalized attention from our expert coaches and data-driven insights, you’ll experience measurable improvements in your performance, unlocking new levels of power, precision, and consistency in your swing.

Why Choose the Front 9 Package?: Ideal for golfers committed to serious improvement, this package offers a structured yet flexible approach to golf training. By focusing on swing speed, mobility, strength, and power, you’re not just working on your game; you’re enhancing your body’s overall ability to perform at its peak on the course.

Ready to take your golf game to the next level? The “Front 9 Package” provides the tools, techniques, and expert guidance you need to achieve and surpass your goals. Start your journey towards a stronger, more dynamic golf game today.

Full 18 Hybrid package

In-person training + personalized golf fitness program

Elevate Your Golf Game with the “Full 18 Package” – Transform Your Swing and Lower Your Scores

Struggling to elevate your golf game to the next level? If online tutorials have left you wanting, it’s time to discover the game-changing “Full 18 Package” from RECHARGE. This unique program bridges the gap between knowing what you should do for a better golf swing and actually getting your body to perform those movements.

Why Your Golf Swing Isn’t Improving: The secret to a powerful golf swing isn’t just in the technique; it’s in your body’s ability to perform those techniques. The “Full 18 Package” focuses on unlocking your body’s true potential, ensuring you have the anatomical capacity to execute the perfect swing every time.

Introducing the RECHARGE Full 18 Hybrid Package: This isn’t just any golf improvement program. It’s a 6-week, clinical-grade, fully customized regimen that’s proven to enhance your mobility, strength, and power. Work one-on-one with an expert RECHARGE PhysioCoach, a dedicated physical therapist with a specialization in golf strength training, to create a program tailored to your body’s unique needs and your specific golfing goals.

What the Full 18 Hybrid Golf Program Offers:

  • 18 Customized Workouts: Designed specifically for your golfing needs, ensuring every session brings you closer to your goals.
  • Structured 6-Week Program: With three sessions per week (one in-person and two at-home workouts), you’re on a clear path to improvement.
  • Golf Simulator Analysis: Begin and conclude your program with a Golf Simulator session to measure your speed and swing data, offering tangible evidence of your progress.

Transform Your Game in Just 6 Weeks for $1895: By the end of the program, expect to see dramatic improvements in your golf performance. Whether it’s increased drive distance, more consistent swings, or lower scores, the “Full 18 Package” is your ticket to a better game.

Ready to unlock your potential and see real results on the golf course? Discover how the “Full 18 Package” can transform your game and help you achieve lower scores. Dive into a program designed for golfers who are serious about improving and committed to making a change. Start your journey to a better golf game today.

Ready to take your body and golf game to the next level. but not sure which package is for you?
schedule a free consult call!

Physical Therapy

Want to get out on the Links but your body has other ideas? Schedule an appointment with a golf specialist physical therapists. We will perform a thorough evaluation and treatment to get your body ready for golf. 

Golf Performance physical Therapy

$ 199 per session
  • Customized workout for each golfer
  • Expert physical therapist coaches.
  • Holistic approach for total wellness.
  • Scientifically-backed training methods.

Online golf performance training programs and workouts

Golf training anywhere

  • Train your golf game anywhere, anytime through the Recharge app.

Rapid Improvement

See rapid improvement in your golf performance through structured workouts.

Expert Coaching

Structured golf-focused workouts developed by physical therapists.

Fun Variety

Access a variety of fun and effective golf-specific workouts.

Online Golf performance and fitness programs

Choose a self-paced, golf-specific, physical therapists designed workout programs!


Gain 30 yards in 30 days golf training

PRICE: $79

Welcome to the ultimate golf performance transformation journey! Are you ready to elevate your golf game to new heights? Look no further than "30 for 30: Gain 30 Yards in 30 Days" – an exclusive online video course designed to supercharge your golf performance.

Led by accomplished doctors of physical therapy who are also avid golfers and coaches, this course is your ticket to unlocking your golfing potential and achieving impressive gains in just one month!