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Mythbusting Episode 3: CrossFit

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There is a lot of stigma and emotion surrounding CrossFit and sometimes that can muddy the water in terms of what we do and do not know about CrossFit. Today’s mythbusting episode focuses on three myths involving CrossFit. “CrossFit is synonymous with injury.” What we are starting to see as more studies come out in regards to injury and CrossFit …

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Mythbusting Episode 2: Aging

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Recharge MYTHBUSTERS Episode 2: Aging “If you didn’t know how old you are, how old would you think you are?” – Satchel Paige   Aging has a lot of connotations along with it, some good, some bad but more importantly agin has a lot of myths surrounding what health and age have to do with one another. In this episode …

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Mythbusting Episode 1: Low Back Pain

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Health and Fitness MYTHBUSTERS Episode 1: Low Back Pain Recorded Live from Recharge Low back pain is confusing, frustrating, and bothersome for a vast majority of individuals throughout their lives. In this mythbusting episode we tackle the confusion surrounding low back pain and some of the myths that seem to have lingered around longer than they should be. Myth #1: …