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Do you know that feeling in your upper back that feels like a giant golf ball that won’t go away?

You try everything to get rid of it but it NEVER GOES AWAY!

That nasty “knot” feeling we sometimes get in our upper back – it feels like it’s rooted deep in the upper back, but it can actually come from different places.

Here are three ways to change your pain perception and work through that “knot”.

  1.     Lay flat on your belly and place your forearms out in front, bending your arms at your elbows, almost as if you were to prepare for a plank position, but the bottom half of your body remains on the ground. Identify the approximate area where your upper back pain is radiating from, and begin to lift your chest off the ground, coming up onto your elbows. Push your back up into that problem area and round your spine so that it creates a curvature, like you’re performing an exaggerated pushup up to isolate the muscle. Then, slowly begin to drop your torso back toward the ground to release the muscle. Repeat this flow of motion several times to activate those upper back muscles.
  2.     Wrap a band around a pole or a sturdy tree, then wrap the other half of the band around your upper back, resting it on the place where you feel all that pressure. Reach your arms above and slowly arch your spine backward. Then gently release. Repeat this extension and gentle release motion with your spine several times to relieve that muscle tension.
  3.     Take that same band wrapped around the pole, but this time, grab the other end of the band with your hands and reach your arms up in the air. This creates tension and stability so that your entire back is activated in your posterior chain, rather than just that one spot being isolated. With your hands still grabbing onto that band overhead, begin to squat down. In this dynamic movement, your entire system is activated and nervous system is able to process whatever is going on in that “knot” area.

Whenever that “knot” creeps up on you, you can whip out these quick, simple movements from your toolbox to relieve that ache.


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