Located in Ellicott City:

Address: 5136 Dorsey Hall Dr

Open: 6:00am - 7:00pm

physical therapy ellicott city

Do you sit a lot? Yea, a lot us do. Do your hips and back feel stiff? Join the club–the very stiff and achy club!

Fear not! If your back and hips feel stiff now doesn’t mean they will always feel that way.

We are going to teach you a simple yet effective three-step movement progression to make your hips and back feel loose, limber and amazing.

This movement progression we often teach to our Recharge community. It helps your hips and spine move in ways often limited throughout the day.

Remember, your spine and your hips have a lot of movement potential. It’s on you to make sure you are maximizing that potential. When you do you’ll feel better and move better.

Do these movements through out the day as a break from sitting, or after a long commute, or as a cool down after working out. Point is, do them often.


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