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Dry Needling Series at Recharge in Ellicott City

Introducing Dry Needling.

Now let’s see how well it works!

There are multitudes of manual therapy “tools” that physical therapists have at their disposal to help with the perception of how your body feels. Often you can feel tight, restricted, or painful amongst a many other descriptors that may limit you from your daily activities or participating in exercise.

We know that keeping you moving is vital for your health and know only do we have the ability to look at how you move but can dip into these “tools” to help get you back to that.

Dry needling is one of these “tools.”

We understand that dry needling has some effect on your nervous system. When we say that, we refer to the impact that dry needling has on all the nerves and connections from your brain down to the nerves that control your muscles. These effects can vary from person to person based on a multitude of things, including past experiences, expectations and more.

What you’ll most often find dry needling used for at Recharge is an attempt to decrease pain with certain muscles or movements or decrease tightness/discomfort of certain muscles or movements.

The full neurological process of why and how this works is not fully understood but it does have an effect for some people.

For some it can help a great deal, for others, maybe not as much.

In the end in comes down to having the conversation with your physical therapist about what might be the best “tool” for you. Perhaps it is dry needling and if so, you will be in good hands here at Recharge.

Utilizing dry needling is one way we get you back to moving and performing in your every day life knowing that movement, ultimately, is vital to your health and well-being.

In future posts of this series we will look at how dry needling can be utilized for different presentations, a bit of the research behind it, and videos that give examples of how we use it here at Recharge.

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