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soccer training ellicott city

Ready the work horses of your body for the soccer field in this warm up!

Use the soccer warm up as a chance to explore movements that you rarely find yourself in and become efficient in all different directions.

When working with a lot of our youth soccer players at Recharge, whether it’s physical therapy from injury or for strength training, we strongly advocate a proper warm up.

Aside from the known benefits such as improved blood flow, better dexterity, and reduction of injury risk– a sport specific warm-up prepares your nervous system for efficiency.

Moving through task-specific activities in the warm-up while gradually increasing the difficulty of movement prepare your brain and body to be more effective.

Before your kids get ready for their next soccer practice, or as a soccer player yourself, implement this warm up to address all the intricacies the soccer field throws your way with our Ultimate 5 Minute Soccer Warm Up!

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